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Corriere dello Sport ", an emotional, said:" Totti with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop is a peninsula in the night, beyond the existence of any human being, "Because, Totti was very beautiful in their own files. And write a new T: 250. Goals the most important race of the club that this move is the goal, Totti. The goal awakens the passion of the fans in this way to the top of the AC Milan star Roberto Baggio and the legendary war. Who are the active players in Serie A striker? Di Natale is? Crespo ? Inzaghi? The answer is yes, yes Totti. Before the tour, his 194 Serie A goals, leading the ball 181, Del Piero, Filippo Inzaghi and 151 balls 155 balls Crespo. Today extended the record of 195 balls. With the "Corriere dello Sport as saying: Francesco Totti scored a goal each, is the history of Serie A, Serie A living legend he is.

Roma and Cagliari, in contrast, brightness Totti and become the greatest leader of the team. The first 20 minutes, Totti cross from the left, Toscanini without Daniele De Rossi, the referee awarded a penalty; Totti has the force of pumping the ball to mark the path of the door. With this goal, Totti's club career goals to increase the number of 250 balls. Of course, no credit is worth only Totti, Roma's second goal is to help accurate header Totti with the Premier League Football Club Teams Juan occasion, the porter stopped to get rid of post-Roman success. After the field before the game, Francesco Totti, Mexes also helps to hit the threshold. Totti is commendable that 250 goals scored for Roma. Totti in Rome this season, is the effectiveness of 19 of the season the last team in the first place, it was so hard to see the season 19, year after year in the flame, Totti can not write a success. As we all know, the flag of the players in Serie A lot of naive, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Del Piero are the spine, but Totti is clearly different. When Roma Totti has not been a rich, limited financial resource for the team, Totti scored a brilliant record as a brilliant champion is not compatible with documents as partners in the Manchester United Football Shirts. But from another point of view, it is embarrassing, but the glory Totti. Years without a crown and become more loyal, Totti deserves applause! Totti on milestones, the Corriere dello Sport "in the opinion polls on the first page:" Totti can take Baggio record "Totti is the current number of 195 league goals in Serie A ball shooters total VI. First is the second Piola Nordahl, Giuseppe Meazza third, fourth, Alta Phoenix, four years is too long, but football is not a true professional. Serie a league has been recognized as the industry has been the top scorer in the person is ranked No. 5 overall striker Baggio, Baggio in 205 goals in Serie A.

Over the years, a large number of people chased Baggio, such as Filippo Inzaghi, Alessandro Del Piero, Hernan Crespo, and Antonio Di Natale and so on. But now, look, there's a realistic hope of catching the person recording a Totti Baggio, Totti Baggio record 10 goals. In the Corriere dello Sport "in the polls, 82% of fans think that Totti with the Man Utd Football Club Kit will be able to go beyond Baggio! If Totti can do, there will be 60 years since the 20th century was the greatest 50 years of Series A striker.